Official statistics

Published statistics

Last updated 24 September 2020
24 September 2020
Data added on the the postcode lookup.
29 July 2020
Updates to HESES and HEIFES survey data
20 July 2020
Data added on low areas of young participation by parliamentary constituency.
15 July 2020
Annual release of the National Student Survey results published
04 June 2020
Differences in student outcomes: further characteristics published
01 June 2020
Type of statistic specified for each published statistic
13 May 2020
Page updated to include the analysis of level 6 and 7 apprenticeships.
07 May 2020
List updated to reflect the release of the access and participation dataset.
02 April 2020
Annual release of equality and diversity data published. Annual update to KPMs 1-5 and 18 published.
19 February 2020
Update to National Student Survey results 2019 and sector analysis of National Student Survey results 2019 published
12 February 2020
Student numbers 2018-19 published
11 February 2020
Annual release of HESES survey data published
22 January 2020
Annual release of intake numbers from medical and dental survey published
10 January 2020
Note added to 25 September 2019 POLAR4 postcode look-up entry

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