Experimental official statistics

Uni Connect national evaluation: An analysis of young participation in higher education in England in the areas targeted by Uni Connect

This report provides quantitative analysis of the Uni Connect programme, using national administrative data, and is an official statistic which falls under the official statistics’ Code of Practice. The analysis provides an initial methodology to evaluate Uni Connect’s effectiveness in increasing higher education participation in the target areas and seeks feedback on the methodology used.

Please note: This analysis should not be interpreted as indicative of Uni Connect’s impact to date as it relates to only two years of Uni Connect outreach delivery to older learners during years 12 and 13, rather than the five years sustained and progressive delivery between years 9 and 13 within the programme design.

The OfS will continue to assess data to evaluate the programme’s longer-term impact and is actively seeking feedback on the methodology used to improve this.
Please email comments to [email protected].

OfS 2021.11
20 May 2021
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Published 20 May 2021

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