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Published 01 August 2019
Last updated 14 September 2020
14 September 2020
Consultation on student protection directions now closed
11 September 2020
Information about our digital teaching and learning call for evidence added
17 July 2020
Page updated to reflect the consultation on student protection directions
22 June 2020
Opportunity to apply to be on our student panel removed
08 June 2020
Opportunity to apply to be on our student panel added
28 May 2020
Removed details of the consultation on a new time-limited condition of registration as the response deadline has passed.
04 May 2020
Link added to new consultation on a new time-limited condition of registration.
03 March 2020
Removed link to our harassment consultation student workshops as registration for these events has closed
28 February 2020
Added details of our consultation on admissions
14 February 2020
Added link to our events page for information about our harassment and sexual misconduct consultation student workshops
13 February 2020
Added link to sign up to our student spotlight email alerts and link to our page on getting involved as a student
09 January 2020
The page was updated to include details of the consultation on harassment and sexual misconduct.

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