Respond to the harassment and sexual misconduct consultation

We want to prevent harassment and sexual misconduct affecting students, and make sure that students can raise any concerns with their university or college with confidence. 

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Help your university or college tackle inequality

Going into higher education is not as equal and fair as it should be. Some groups of students don't have the same opportunities.

We're working to eliminate these inequalities, and there are plenty of ways students can get involved too.

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Feed back on our new student information website, Discover Uni

Discover Uni is the official, authoritative source of information and guidance on higher education in the UK.

It is designed to support prospective students in deciding whether, where and what to study.

The site is in its public beta stage, so we're welcoming feedback on its content and functionality. Let us know what you think and send us your comments by using the feedback feature at the bottom of any page. 

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Published 01 August 2019
Last updated 09 January 2020
09 January 2020
The page was updated to include details of the consultation on harassment and sexual misconduct.

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