Comparing completion measures data dashboard

This dashboard shows analysis of the similarities and differences in the outcomes calculated by each of the proposed completion methods, based on the sector as a whole.

For help using this dashboard, please see our user guide below or use the yellow 'help guide' button in the top right hand corner of the dashboard.

How to use this dashboard

  1. Use the buttons on the top panel to select an analysis section you want to explore in more detail. The analysis sections are described in our supporting ‘Comparison of completion measures’ document.
  2. Use the buttons to select a mode of study.
  3. Use the ‘Select a level of study’ dropdown to select which level of study to display. The definitions for each level of study are described in Annex B of our methodology document.

Use the ‘Select minimum provider size’ dropdown to limit the comparison to include only indicators with denominator sizes above the filter value. Denominator sizes less than or equal to 23 are not included in this dashboard. For filter selections resulting in charts with 2 or fewer data points, no data will be shown.

Further information

The consultation on the construction of student outcomes and experience measures proposes two alternative methods for measuring completion outcomes: a cohort-tracking measure and a compound indicator.

We have summarised the similarities and differences in the outcomes calculated by each of the proposed completion methods, to help users understand the advantages and disadvantages of the two methods. These summaries are included in this dashboard. 

Further information about the data presented in this dashboard is available in our consultation documents. You can also read our frequently asked questions.

Published 20 January 2022
Last updated 26 July 2022
26 July 2022
Link to analyses of responses to the consultations on student outcomes and teaching excellence added
31 January 2022
Excel data file added to the 'Get the data' section.

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