Student outcomes and teaching excellence

Last updated: 26 July 2022

Constructing student outcome and experience indicators for use in OfS regulation

Our proposals for regulating student outcomes and the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) involve using detailed data and analytical evidence to inform our regulatory judgements.

This consultation sets out proposals for the construction, presentation and interpretation of the data comprising that evidence base, which will also be used in access and participation data dashboards.

Consultation outcomes:

Analysis of responses to the consultation and decisions: Addendum

Addendum with outstanding decisions on publication matters and benchmarking

Consultation proposals:

Read the consultation

Read the consultation on constructing student outcome and experience indicators for use in OfS regulation.

Supporting information and data dashboards

We provided a range of supporting information with the consultation:

  • the data analysis which is referred to by some of our consultation proposals
  • interactive data dashboards which allow users to explore our data analysis
  • interactive data dashboards and data workbooks which illustrate the presentation of the student outcome and experience indicators we are proposing to publish each year
  • the data definitions that we apply to student-level data sets, and the statistical methods we use in the construction of our proposed indicators. These technical documents aim to help data and statistics practitioners understand our application of the proposed approach.

These resources related to our consultation proposals only. We have now published resources which reflect the consultation outcomes.

View the data dashboards

Supporting data analysis documents

Exploring student outcomes: the methodology behind the analysis Review of selection and grouping of benchmarking factors

Supporting technical documents

Published 20 January 2022
Last updated 07 October 2022
07 October 2022
Analysis of responses to the consultation and decisions: We have clarified the explanation of our proposed approach to the activities of 'caring for someone, retired, or taking time out to travel'. For the avoidance of doubt, we intended that students who report travelling, caring for someone else or retirement in any activity would count as a positive outcome. We have also clarified how each graduate is assigned to the most appropriate travel to work area for purposes of constructing geography of employment quintiles.
30 September 2022
Analysis of responses to data indicators consultation and decisions - Addendum on outstanding decisions published.
26 July 2022
Outcomes of the consultation have been published.
26 January 2022
Replaced 'Instructions for rebuilding datasets' document to correct position of box (paragraph 29); added link to Review of selection and grouping of benchmarking factors.

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