Young participation by area

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This tool can be used to search by postcode for levels of young participation in higher education.

The search tool shows:

  • levels of young participation (POLAR4, TUNDRA MSOA and TUNDRA LSOA)
  • higher education qualifications among adults (Adult HE 2011)

All measures classify areas into five groups (quintiles):

  • quintile one shows the lowest rates
  • quintile five shows the highest rates.

Geographic boundaries

Postcode pins are shown within geographic boundaries because we assign quintiles to boundaries rather than specific postcodes. This means all postcodes within the same geographic boundary will have the same quintile.

The measures are produced using different boundaries. Selecting the different measures on the detailed results page will change the outlined geographic boundary depending on which measure you are interested in:

  • POLAR4 and Adult HE 2011 were produced using Middle Layer Super Output Areas (MSOAs) in England and Wales, Intermediate Zones (IZs) in Scotland and Super Output Areas (SOAs) in Northern Ireland. 
  • TUNDRA MSOA was produced using MSOAs as it covers England only.
  • TUNDRA LSOA was produced using Lower Layer Super Output Area (LSOAs) and covers England.

Find out more about our latest changes to the postcode look-up (September 2023).

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The postcodes in this tool are subject to copyright.

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Last updated 28 September 2023
28 September 2023
Postcode look-up tool updated to include the latest data.
30 September 2022
Postcode look-up tool updated to include the latest data.
30 September 2021
Postcode look-up tool updated to include the latest data.
11 March 2021
Latest changes to postcode lookup date updated
22 December 2020
Data behind postcode look-up updated to correct an error in the assignment of some Uni Connect target area flags.
14 October 2020
Link added to a survey of the postcode search function
24 September 2020
The search facility has been updated with amended features and new data.
05 February 2020
The National Collaborative Outreach Programme (NCOP) has been renamed to Uni Connect. Page content updated to reflect this.
09 January 2020
Postcode look-up tool updated to include Northern Ireland postcodes

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