Experimental statistics

Projected completion and employment from entrant data (Proceed): Updated methodology and results

This report presents an experimental measure to bring together projected data for full-time first degree students who complete their studies (completion rates) and the progression of recent graduates to employment, further study and other activities (graduate outcomes).

We published a first iteration of this measure in December 2020. Our update takes account of the most recently available datasets and refines the approach to statistical uncertainty to improve understanding of the statistical reliability of the data.

The updated Proceed data is presented in Tables 1-3 in the workbook below.

OfS 2021.12
19 May 2021
Published 19 May 2021
Last updated 29 July 2021
29 July 2021
The workbook was updated to correct a minor error with the projected completion data for students who received an award after a period of inactivity or intercalation.

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