Regulatory framework

Securing student success: Regulatory framework for higher education in England

Last updated: 24 November 2022

Condition F2: Student transfer arrangements

Condition F2: The provider must provide to the OfS, and publish, information about its arrangements for a student to transfer.


Applies to: all registered providers.

Initial or general ongoing condition: ongoing condition.

Legal basis: section 5 of HERA.



A student transfer’ is as defined as in section 38(2) of HERA.


In judging whether a provider has provided to the OfS and published information about its arrangements for a student to transfer, material that the OfS may consider includes:


The information about arrangements for transfer provided to the OfS by the provider.


The information about arrangements for transfer published by the provider.


Any explanation from the provider about how it facilitates student transfer.



Providers will demonstrate compliance with this condition by providing and publishing information on their transfer arrangements as described above.


If a provider fails to satisfy this condition of registration, the OfS may request further information from the provider and make this publicly available. It may also work with the provider to facilitate the provision of student transfer arrangements in accordance with section 38 of HERA.

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