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Beyond COVID-19: The future of digital teaching and learning

When automobiles first entered the public consciousness around the start of the 20th century, they were often referred to as ‘horseless carriages’. At the time this made sense: the earliest cars looked very similar to carriages, and both were performing the same function of transporting you from A to B.

Why grade inflation matters

The credibility and value of the qualifications awarded by higher education providers matters greatly to students, their families, employers and other stakeholders. And it matters too for the international reputation of the English higher education sector.

Digital teaching and learning: the opportunity

The review of digital teaching and learning I am leading on behalf of the OfS has taken off in the last two months. The call for evidence has just closed (though further submissions are always welcome) and conveys one message above all others – excitement, opportunity and the chance for real transformation.

Unlocking research talent and potential

Chris Millward from the Office for Students and Steven Hill from Research England explain the background to a new funding competition to improve access and participation in postgraduate research study.

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