The year ahead: What students can expect from the OfS

Many students were delighted to return to school last week. After such a difficult year – often with extremely disrupted learning – getting back in the classroom with their friends and teachers was a welcome boost. Those in their final year in college or sixth form will now be thinking about their next steps.


David Evans

“A student from a low-income family without adequate space and resources to study will likely have faced far greater barriers to learning at home compared to their more advantaged peers. These barriers need to be recognised in the admissions process and beyond.” This is certainly true, but many barriers such students faced existed independent of the context of the pandemic and can continue into higher education and beyond, albeit many are currently exacerbated. Given this acknowledgement that such barriers must be recognised throughout the student lifecycle, can you confirm you will be acting on the feedback noted in various submissions to the Quality and Standards Consultation that any outcomes baselines you wish to set must recognise the diversity of the student profile at a given provider, and not be absolute?

19 Mar 2021 - 10:46PM

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Published 17 March 2021

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