Size and shape of provision data dashboard

About the dashboard

The size and shape of provision data dashboard equips the OfS, Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) panel members and other users with an understanding of the provider's context in terms of:

  • the provider's size
  • the types of courses it offers
  • the mix of subjects it offers
  • the characteristics of its students.

To support users to navigate and interact with the dashboard, we have published:

About the data

The student outcome and experience indicators are supported by a set of data resources which shows, in broad terms, the size and shape of the provider’s student population.

These are produced in the same way for each provider we regulate, using available national datasets and consistent definitions and approaches to data. The data definitions and approaches used follow from our recent consultation on the construction of student outcome and experience data indicators for use in our regulation.

Common queries about the data presented in this dashboard can be found in our frequently asked questions.

Details of the data sources, definitions and methods that the OfS uses to construct student outcome and experience indicators can be found in documents describing our measures and definitions.

Published 30 September 2022

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