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The data in the size and shape of provision data dashboard is also available in a tabular format as Excel workbooks or CSV files.

We have published the size and shape of provision data dashboard as official statistics

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These data files were updated in June 2023 with a correction to the count of students in qualifier populations, which were previously understated.

Data protection

For data protection purposes, we have applied a comprehensive set of rounding and suppression criteria.

Anyone wishing to use the data must follow the guidelines for appropriate use.

Archived data

We have retained datafiles related to the size and shape of provision data dashboard published previously.

Published 30 September 2022
Last updated 05 January 2024
05 January 2024
Archived September 2022 datafiles were updated to include a provider that was registered by the OfS after September 2022 and participated in TEF 2023.
16 June 2023
Updated with a correction to counts of students in qualifier contextual populations. A methodological oversight meant that a qualifier who was (correctly) not included in the all students contextual population for a given year (on account of their course following an academic year which spans multiple data reporting periods, for example, to avoid double counting), was unintentionally excluded from the qualifiers contextual population.
12 April 2023
Updated with annual release of data

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