Data collection

We provide funding to providers registered with the Office for Students in the Approved (fee cap) category. Providers registered in this category need to submit a data return to us to inform our funding calculations.

Data collection to inform funding for 2024-25

To calculate funding for the academic year 2024-25 (1 August 2024 – 31 July 2025), providers that are registered in the Approved (fee cap) category will be required to submit a data return in 2023-24.

Providers will be asked to complete one of these data returns:

HESF24 – Higher Education Students Forecast survey

  • for providers that do not have registered students in 2023-24, but will have such students in 2024-25

HESES23 – Higher Education Students Early Statistics survey

  • for providers that have registered students in 2023-24

Data for condition F1 (transparency) return

We require providers to publish data as part of the ongoing condition of registration with the OfS. The Higher Education and Research Act 2017 (HERA) requires the OfS to ensure that the ongoing conditions of registration for certain providers includes a transparency condition. This mandatory condition applies to all registered higher education providers in either the Approved or Approved (fee cap) part of the OfS Register.

For details of the Transparency return, see our publication guidance and methodology

Last updated 13 November 2023
13 November 2023
Extensions announced for the HESES submission and sign-off deadlines for certain providers.
14 September 2023
Updated for HESES23 guidance
20 September 2022
Updated for HESES22 guidance
22 September 2021
Updated for HESES21 guidance
26 March 2020
The requirement to submit transparency returns in April 2020 is suspended

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