Data collection

Multiplication factors

The data collected in the Higher Education Students Early Statistics 2023-24 (HESES23) survey will have multiplication factors applied to it in order to determine funding full-time equivalent (FTE) values for 2023-24. 

Up to and including the HESES22 return, the data collected included completion and FTE assessments. These FTEs were used to determine funding for the following academic year.

The removal of Columns 3, 4 and 4a meant that FTEs were not collected in the HESES23 return and a different method is required to determine the fundable FTEs for providers to calculate funding allocations with a method consistent with previous years.

To determine FTEs from HESES23 for funding purposes, we have taken the count of years of engagement recorded in HESES23 by each provider and applied multiplication factors derived from HESES22 data. Providers’ own HESES22 data has been used to do this unless there was insufficient data for the calculation to be made.

Making representations

On 21 March 2024 we announced the representations process for multiplication factors being applied to HESES23 data.  We will use multiplication factors derived from HESES22 data to determine FTEs from data submitted in HESES23.

We are aware that provision at higher education providers can change from year-to-year. Significant changes to provision in 2023-24 may mean the multiplication factors derived from HESES22 data may no longer be appropriate for determining the total FTE at a provider. To account for year-to-year changes, providers are able to submit representations about the OfS calculated multiplication factors.

Providers should review the proposed multiplication factors which can be accessed on the OfS portal. If the proposed multiplication factors are considered to be an appropriate representation of a provider’s provision for the 2023-24 academic year, then no action is required.

If a provider believes that one or more of the multiplication factors may no longer be appropriate then representations can be submitted to the OfS for consideration.

Important dates in the representations process

21 March 2024 

Multiplication factors representation workbooks available to providers via the OfS portal and the representation process opens.  

16 May 2024 

Deadline for all providers to submit representations on multiplication factors to the OfS for inclusion in the main 2024-25 grant announcement, scheduled for July 2024. 


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Published 21 March 2024

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