A geography of employment and earnings

These interactive maps show the availability of jobs which are highly skilled or have earnings above the UK average, and how this varies across the country.

  • The LEO grouping (left map) is based on graduate earnings and further study. The Census grouping (right map) is based on the types of job done by all adults.
  • In both maps, quintile 1 shows areas with the lowest proportion in well paid or highly skilled jobs.
  • Graduates living in quintile 5 areas have the highest chance of getting a well paid or highly skilled job.
  • Hover over each area to see the population for each area and proportion in well paid or highly skilled jobs.
  • Areas are ranked by the employment outcomes for those living in the area, and then put into five groups with equal numbers of employees.
  • The LEO measure is based on graduates in employment or further study three years after graduation, from 2015 to 2018. It measures the proportion earning over a threshold (about £23,000) or in higher level study.
  • The Census measure is based on all employees and measures the proportion in professional or managerial jobs.
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Published 02 June 2021

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