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UKHEAC: recruitment of new members DOCX 33Kb

professional areas of healthcare higher education – specifically medicine, dentistry, nursing and pharmacy. ... professional areas of health higher education: medicine, dentistry, nursing or pharmacy.

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CONTEXT_CATEGORY. MedicineandDentistryorVeterinaryScience. Category of TEFSBJ: Medicine & dentistry or veterinary science subject of study. ... CONTEXT_CATEGORY. SubjectsAlliedtoMedicine. Category of TEFSBJ: Subjects allied to medicine subject of study.

Letter from Minister Donelan - Ukraine 15.03.22 PDF 101Kb

Separately, I am aware that UK nationals studying in Ukraine, many of whom were studying medicine, will also have had their studies disrupted. ... to continue their studies, including on related courses in the biological sciences or subjects allied to

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