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Formula based teaching capital XLSX 24Kb

London. 42,111. 10003270. Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine. Imperial College London. ... London. 279,244. 10007771. London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. London.

1 Inc and Exp XLSX 126Kb

1. Approved (fee cap) providers - Academic departments. 1a. 101 Clinical medicine. ... Total expenditure. 1. Academic departments. 1a. 101 Clinical medicine. 1b. 102 Clinical dentistry.

Notes XLSX 4798Kb

10000291. Anglia Ruskin University Higher Education Corporation. CAH02. Subjects allied to medicine. ... Subjects allied to medicine. Other undergraduate. Q02. 1%. 3%. 10%. 65%.

UKHEAC: recruitment of new members DOCX 33Kb

professional areas of healthcare higher education – specifically medicine, dentistry, nursing and pharmacy. ... professional areas of health higher education: medicine, dentistry, nursing or pharmacy.

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