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TEF 2023: A golden turn-out from students

Over 200 student submissions have been received for the 2023 Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF). TEF manager, Ranjeet Dhinsa, and University of Portsmouth Education Officer and TEF student contact, Jade Underwood, reflect on the value of student engagement.

Experience matters

Martha Longdon, previous chair of the OfS student panel, suggests lessons to learn from the Office for Students’ first five years.

Refreshing our engagement with providers

OfS chief executive Susan Lapworth sets out how we will refresh our engagement with universities, colleges and other higher education providers in response to feedback from their leaders.

Freedom to question, challenge and debate

‘Students will not have a high quality education if that education is not grounded in freedom of expression.’ Our chief executive, Susan Lapworth, explains how free speech is essential for quality and equality of opportunity in higher education.

New year, new NSS

For over 15 years the National Student Survey (NSS) has been an important indicator of student views. January 2023 sees the introduction of the new questionnaire.

Quality: where are we now?

Susan Lapworth, the OfS’s chief executive, argues that focusing quality assessment on core academic matters means focusing on the things that matter to students.

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