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Care experienced students and looked after children

Last updated: 31 January 2022



Webinar: Supporting learners with experience of children's social care in higher education

This webinar discussed the launch of TASO's report 'Supporting access and student success for learners with experience of children’s social care' (January 2021). The report found that learners with experience of children’s social care need more effective support to access and succeed in higher education.

Role models video: Care experienced students

The video features care experienced students from different universities offering impartial advice and insight for younger care experienced people who are considering their future study options and opportunities. It was developed by the Sussex Learning Network (part of the Uni Connect programmein collaboration with NNECL (October 2020).

Supporting higher education participation for care leavers and other care-experienced young people

A short slideshow produced by the Rees Centre's Dr Neil Harrison summarising the seven steps that are needed to increase the number of care leavers and other care-experienced young people entering higher education in England (February 2021).

Reports and guidance

Blog posts


  • National Network for the Education of Care Leavers (NNECL)
    NNECL is a network of higher education providers and national organisations committed to the progression and support of care leavers in higher education.
  • Rees Foundation Charity
    The Rees Foundation is a registered charity to support care leavers and care experienced individuals and communities across the UK.
  • Become
    Become is a charity that provides advice, support and opportunities for care experienced children and young people.
  • Unite Foundation
    The Foundation is an independent registered charity offering accommodation scholarships for care leavers and estranged young people at university. The scholarship takes care of students’ accommodation and bills, covering up to three full years of study.
  • Propel
    Propel provides care leavers with information on the support available to them from colleges and universities offering higher education courses across the UK.
  • Drive Forward Foundation
    The foundation supports young adults leaving foster or residential care to achieve their full potential with sustainable employment opportunities through mentoring, one-to-one support and training. Through partnerships with employers, the foundation has developed work experiences, placements and internships that are particularly suitable for undergraduates seeking a nurturing and supportive environment to gain experience in a variety of sectors.
  • Buttle UK
    Buttle UK provides grants and support to vulnerable young people.
  • The Care Leavers' Association
    A national user led charity aimed at improving the lives of care leavers of all ages.
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