Efficiency and effectiveness performance measures

Strategic objective 5:

‘The OfS is an efficient and effective regulator.’

We have three strategic outcomes under this strategic objective, and seven key performance measures (KPMs) to help us demonstrate progress against them.

20. Key performance targets met

In development:

We have paused some activity due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

We hope to specify this measure soon.

This will look at our overall performance by showing the percentage of key performance targets we meet.

If we are well managed and appropriately structured, we will see improvements against this metric.

21. External survey of perceptions of the OfS

In development:

We have paused some activity due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

We hope to specify this measure soon.

To understand how well the OfS is managed and structured, we will look at the perceptions of our stakeholders, especially students.

The survey will cover a broad range of OfS activities, including our relationships with UKRI and Research England.

22. The extent to which staff understand and feel they contribute towards the OfS’s strategic objectives


positive response to questions in relation to ‘organisational objectives and purpose’ in April 2021.

See KPM 22

If our staff understand what they are contributing towards and why, they will be better equipped to perform their roles and the organisation will be more effective.

23. OfS staff survey results on staff satisfaction


overall employee engagement score in April 2021.

See KPM 23

Employee engagement is a strong indicator of staff satisfaction. Engaged staff are more likely to perform at a high level, drive forward innovative approaches, support each other and create the culture we want to see in the organisation.

24. Ratio of performance against targets to annual spend

In development: 

We have paused some activity due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

We hope to specify this measure soon.

The OfS needs to deliver results in a cost effective, sustainable way. This measure will allow us to track the extent to which we do so.

25. The number of internal support function standards that are met

4 out of 6

In our sample, we are achieving targets set for four of six internal support functions.

See KPM 25

This measure looks at whether the OfS has in place the process, infrastructure and resources needed to support our objectives.

26. Regulatory burden

The OfS is making progress in minimising regulatory burden.

Our set of five measures monitor regulatory burden for providers.

See KPM 26

The OfS aims to minimise regulatory burden. We want to track regulatory burden so we can reduce it. However, we do not want to reduce it too much. This would mean too little protection for students and taxpayers.

We publish five quantitative measures under KPM 26. These monitor five activities that cause regulatory burden for providers.

The OfS uses these measures to understand the administrative burdens we place on providers. This allows us to be an efficient and effective regulator.


We welcome feedback on the key performance measures, including on our overall approach and on individual measures. If you have any comments or queries, please contact Josh Fleming at .

If you have any queries about the statistics published as KPMs, please contact Hannah White at .

The Office for Students is committed to following the Code of Practice for Statistics for the statistics it produces. See more information and our statistics release schedule

If you have any other questions or complaints about statistics produced by the Office for Students, please contact Mark Gittoes, Head of Profession for Statistics, at  or call 0117 931 7052.

Last updated 24 May 2021
24 May 2021
KPMs 22, 23 and 25 published
18 May 2021
KPM 26 published
09 July 2020
Update on specification timescales for KPMs 20 - 26
18 December 2019
Specification dates updated

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