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Ways to have your say

There are several ways you can have your say on access and participation plans, plus opportunities to get more involved in this area of work.

Whether you'd just like to share your views on equality of opportunity, give feedback on your university or college's access and participation plan, or help to organise a formal student submission, this section outlines your options.


We expect universities and colleges to co-create the design, implementation, and evaluation of access and participation plans by including students on decision making panels and engaging with students from a diverse range of backgrounds to gain representative feedback.

Your university or college should be actively seeking your input and involvement when developing an access and participation plan, but you can also ask staff about opportunities to get involved.

Student submissions

When a university or college submits their access and participation plan, students are encouraged to write a student submission to comment on how they have been consulted with and involved. We use this as supporting evidence when assessing the plan to understand whether it has met our expectations.

The student submission is usually coordinated by a representative body such as a students' union, so you should contact your reps if you'd like to contribute your views or help to organise the submission.

Find out more about the student submission


Students also have a role in holding universities and colleges to account.

If you feel that your university or college is not offering opportunities for students to contribute to access and participation plans, or is failing to meet the commitments set out in their plan, you can send us a notification.

Notifications inform us of concerns you may have about whether your university or college is meeting our regulatory requirements.

Find out how to make a notification

Improve the Equality of Opportunity Risk Register

Universities and colleges use our Equality of Opportunity Risk Register (EORR) to produce their access and participation plans, therefore it's important that the EORR correctly identifies current risks to equality of opportunity, the impacts of these risks, and the affected student populations.

We're committed to regularly updating and improving the EORR and we welcome any feedback.

Find out how to give feedback on the EORR

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