Feedback on the EORR

We're committed to regularly updating and improving the Equality of Opportunity Risk Register (EORR), and we invite your feedback.

We welcome all feedback that will help us to improve the EORR and ensure that it accurately reflects the greatest risks to equality of opportunity in higher education.

In particular, we're seeking feedback on:

The risks

  • are there any key risks that we have missed?
  • do you have information on how the risks are experienced by students?
  • do you have information on why the risks are experienced by particular student groups?

The student groups

  • have we missed out any student groups that do not experience equality of opportunity?

We also welcome feedback on how you have used the EORR in your institution, or if you are a student, how you experience the risks.

We're especially keen to hear from students, higher education professionals and those who work to support student groups that may not experience equality of opportunity.

Send your feedback to [email protected]

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Published 24 August 2023
Last updated 26 October 2023
26 October 2023
Removed focus group events which are now complete.

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