Counter-terrorism - the Prevent duty

Guidance for providers

Change in reporting requirements

We wrote to registered and non-registered providers on 7 May 2020 setting out the Prevent monitoring requirements during the coronavirus pandemic. From 1 January 2022, there will be a change in the way registered providers should report material changes (change of circumstances) and serious Prevent-related incidents.

Requirements for reporting Prevent-related change of circumstances and Prevent-related serious incidents – effective from 1 January 2022

We have made some minor updates to the guidance in our published Prevent duty: Framework for monitoring in higher education in England 2018-19 onwards and in our supplemental guidance on serious incidents and change of circumstances. These updates affect the way registered providers report Prevent-related serious incidents and change of circumstances and should be read in conjunction with Regulatory advice 16: Reportable events guidance published on 20 October 2021.

Requirements for registered providers subject to the Prevent duty – effective from 1 January 2022

All registered providers should report Prevent-related serious incidents and Prevent-related change of circumstances as reportable events as required by ongoing condition F3 (provision of information to the OfS). These must be submitted online via the OfS portal as for all reportable events.

Requirements for non-registered subject to the Prevent duty

Non-registered providers should continue to report Prevent-related serious incidents and Prevent-related change of circumstances to the OfS Prevent team by email at [email protected] or by phone on 0117 931 7150.

What new entrants need to do

New entrants to the higher education sector need to do an initial self-assessment against the Prevent statutory guidance. You should submit this within two months of us engaging with you. After reviewing this, we’ll offer further guidance.

You’ll be expected to submit detailed evidence of baseline policies and procedures which meet the requirements of the statutory guidance within six months of our initial engagement. We will then test these policies through a Prevent review around six months later.

For more information about this, see Annex A of the monitoring framework.

What established providers need to do

Established providers need to do the following:

  • Submit their annual Accountability and data return in December
  • Throughout the year, notify the OfS as soon as possible of:
    • any significant changes of circumstance affecting the provider’s Prevent responsibilities (such as a change in Prevent lead or changes to core policies)
    • any Prevent-related serious incidents.

Guidance on requirements

As well as referring to the government’s statutory guidance, you should look at our supporting guidance documents.

Published 16 December 2021
Last updated 28 September 2023
28 September 2023
We have added a link to the latest monitoring guidance.

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