Regulatory advice 16: Reportable events

This document provides guidance for registered providers about the events or matters they are required to report to the Office for Students (OfS). These are called ‘reportable events’ and are defined in paragraph 494 of the regulatory framework.

OfS 2021.44
20 October 2021
All higher education providers registered with the OfS
Published 09 October 2019
Last updated 19 November 2021
19 November 2021
Frequently asked question added
20 October 2021
Updated version published which applies from 1 January 2022
05 March 2021
Updated to reflect the closed consultation
28 January 2021
Added link to guidance on reportable events during the coronavirus pandemic
15 December 2020
Details added about the consultation on reportable events and revisions to this guidance.

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