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This page provides the latest National Student Survey (NSS) results data as spreadsheets.

Usage and quality notes

Theme measures are presented as experimental statistics, which make the data more manageable but are subject to further review and could change in future. We recommend that you consider the questions which make up each group of questions instead of relying only on the theme measure. Theme measures should not be used in marketing or presented to onward users without the questions which were used to create that theme. Find out more about theme measures.

Due to the changes in the questions and response options, the 2023 NSS results cannot be straightforwardly compared with those from earlier years. In particular, the removal of the 'neutral' response option in 2023 means that we would expect more students to respond positively in 2023, regardless of any change in the student experience. 

Updates to provider-level data 

  1. These results were updated 23 August 2023 to remove some results which should not have been published. These results related to cases where the teaching provider was in one country and the registering provider in a different country, which meant some students at the teaching provider were asked a different question to the rest of the students at that provider.

    We have removed results relating to ‘freedom of expression’ (question 27) for providers in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, and results for ‘overall satisfaction’ (question 28) for providers in England. We have also removed results for these two questions, for all countries, where more than 10 respondents responded to the survey as a whole but fewer than 10 respondents were asked these specific questions.
  2. Due to a survey administration error in NSS 2023, question 28 ('overall satisfaction') was not asked of the majority of survey respondents from Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU). We have therefore replaced the GCU results with the Scottish sector average and we have not published results for subject-level GCU populations for this question in NSS 2023.

    The most recent overall satisfaction data for GCU can be found under question 27 of the NSS 2022 results. The error was not the fault of the provider and does not reflect on the quality of the provider. No other providers or questions were affected by this error. Read the quality report for more details.

These results use the Common Aggregation Hierarchy (CAH) for subject breakdowns.

Providers can access a breakdown of their National Student Survey results through the NSS data dissemination portal, managed by Texuna Technologies.

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Last updated 22 November 2023
22 November 2023
Student characteristics data updated.

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