Consultation on proposed regulatory advice and other matters relating to freedom of speech

Published 26 March 2024

What would be the effect of these proposals?

  1. Our proposal to publish Regulatory advice, giving guidance on the duties related to freedom of speech is designed to help providers and others to navigate their free speech duties although it does not remove the requirement for them to make their own judgements about compliance with those duties. The proposed guidance will also provide transparency about the sorts of issues that the OfS may consider when making decisions about free speech matters.
  2. Our proposal to amend the regulatory framework will update that document to reflect the OfS’s new general duties and general functions.
  3. Our proposal to apply the policy position set out in Regulatory advice 19 to recovering our costs where we are empowered to do so under section 73 of HERA, as amended by the Act, will ensure that our approach to the recovery of costs is consistent and clear across providers, constituent institutions and relevant students’ unions.
Published 14 December 2023

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