Regulatory advice 14: Guidance for providers for the Annual Financial Return

This regulatory advice sets out guidance about the information that a provider is required to submit as part of its financial monitoring returns to the OfS.

The returns apply to providers that are registered with the OfS in either the Approved or Approved (fee cap) category of the OfS Register. However, where a provider is a further education college or a sixth form college under the primary regulation of the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA), it is not required to submit this financial data to the OfS. For such providers, the OfS works closely with the ESFA to ensure that it is able to undertake appropriate monitoring of financial viability and sustainability.

Non-interactive copies of the workbook templates can be downloaded for reference (please note that providers should not submit this document, as we will provide bespoke, pre-populated versions for providers to download, complete and submit).

OfS 2021.33
11 August 2021
Published 28 October 2019
Last updated 11 August 2021
11 August 2021
Annual update of information for providers on submitting the Annual Financial Return (2021)
09 September 2020
Latest guidance and documents added for the financial monitoring return

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