Student number data

Last updated 15 February 2023
15 February 2023
The 2021-22 technical document and rebuild instructions was updated to reflect a correction to an exclusion clause. Incoming reciprocal Turing Scheme students (EXCHANGE=O) were erroneously included in the data published on 8 February 2023. They are now excluded from the population when using data returned in the student record. EXCHANGE=O was a new value added for 2021-22.
08 February 2023
2021-22 methodology and technical document published
02 November 2022
Calculating student numbers: Overview of method document minor updates
24 August 2022
2019-20 documentation moved from this page to archive
16 February 2022
Update of 2020-21 technical document and rebuild instructions.
04 August 2021
Added overview of method and technical document for 2020-21.
10 February 2021
Technical document updated
24 September 2020
2019-20 overview of method document published, and correction to 2018-19 technical document.
12 August 2020
2019-20 technical document and rebuild instructions published.
12 February 2020
2018-19 student numbers overview of method and technical document published. Document archive created.

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