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These charts and tables show sector-level continuation, attainment, completion and progression rates for students by domicile, level of study, mode of study and various student characteristics.

For the full report, please see our 'Student characteristics data 2010-11 to 2021-22' publication.

This release extends the coverage of our access and participation data dashboard and student outcomes dashboard, to report on sector-level trends in student characteristics for both undergraduate and postgraduate students, and UK and non-UK domiciled students.

It includes only raw rates and does not look to determine the relationship between different characteristics and student outcomes after taking other factors into account. Work of this kind can be found in our exploring student outcomes data dashboard.


The data associated with the above charts and tables can be downloaded below:

Dashboard user guide

The student outcomes dashboard allows you to examine outcomes by different student characteristics for different populations, domiciles, modes and levels of study.

You can select combinations of: lifecycle stage, domicile, mode of study, level of study, population and student characteristic by choosing from the dropdowns at the top of the dashboard.

You can also choose whether to view rates for each outcome (the proportion of students achieving an outcome that our definitions categorise as positive), or the gaps between rates within a student characteristic, by selecting the radio buttons at the top right of the dashboard.

The chart in the centre of the dashboard displays the rates or gaps for the selected combinations. For example:

  • When we look at rates for the ‘Age (Broad)’ characteristic, the rate of attainment for full-time, UK domiciled first degree students under 21 years of age on entry in 2021-22 was 79.9 per cent. This means that 79.9 per cent of these students achieved a first or upper second (2:1) class degree.
  • When we look at gaps for the ‘Age (Broad)’ characteristic, the gap in attainment between full-time UK domiciled first degree students aged 21 or over on entry and full-time UK domiciled first degree students aged under 21 on entry was 8.6 percentage points. This means that students aged 21 or over had an attainment rate 8.6 percentage points lower than the corresponding group of students aged under 21.

Certain student characteristics are not available for every combination of domicile, mode and level. The yellow box above the chart indicates the coverage of each student characteristic. For example, the socioeconomic background student characteristic is available only for UK domiciled undergraduate students. Selecting a combination of filters for which data is not available will result in no data being shown on the chart.

The rates and denominators shown on the chart are also displayed in table form, beneath the main chart. The table shows suppression reasons where no data is displayed on the chart. For example, when we look at attainment rates for UK domiciled full-time first degree students who had at least one parent in armed services, no data is displayed for the years: 2015-16, 2016-17, 2017-18 and 2020-21. The chart below tells us that this data has been suppressed for data protection reasons (suppression code: [DP]). More information about suppression codes is detailed in the help guide, available by clicking the ‘help guide’ icon in the top right corner of the dashboard.

Published 11 November 2022
Last updated 25 July 2023
25 July 2023
Annual update with latest data.
22 November 2022
Minor corrections to Excel and CSV datafiles

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