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Student characteristics data: Entry qualification and subject data

Entry qualification and subject data dashboard

This dashboard shows sector-level outcomes information for UK-domiciled undergraduate students for qualifications on entry to higher education, and their subject of study.

For the full report, please see our 'Student characteristics data 2010-11 to 2021-22’ publication.


The data associated with the above dashboards can be downloaded below:

Dashboard user guide

The entry qualifications and subject dashboard allows you to examine outcomes across subjects and entry qualifications.

On the subject view, you can select combinations of mode and year. The four central charts show sector outcomes for each broad subject of study. The overall sector rate is shown as a dashed horizontal line across each chart. 

You can navigate to the entry qualification view by selecting the yellow button in the top right hand corner of the subject view.

On the entry qualification view, you can select combinations of: mode, year and lifecycle stage. You can additionally select a comparison year which allows you to compare rates for different years.

Published 11 November 2022
Last updated 25 July 2023
25 July 2023
Annual update with latest data.

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