Post-collection outputs

Student post-collection outputs

After a provider has submitted their final Student data return to the OfS's designated data body (DDB), we create files called post-collection outputs.

These outputs will be released via the ‘2022-23 post-collection outputs’ group on the OfS portal. The 2022-23 Student post-collection outputs will consist of the following:

  • the 2022-23 student numbers post-collection output
  • the 2022-23 transparency attainment data summary post-collection output
  • the funding data summaries
  • the reconciliation exercise.

The target audience for this information is registered providers that make Student returns.

For all post-collection outputs we use derived fields to determine whether to include a student in an output population, such as the HESES population.

We provide a CSV file with each output that contains individualised student data. For each record, we show the value of every derived field and the data that we have used to calculate them. We also provide a technical document and rebuild instructions for each output. These specify how derived fields have been calculated and how to filter individualised student data using our derived fields to find students included in aggregated data.

2022-23 Student data

Conversion of algorithms to the Student (22056) data model

The Student (22056) record collected by the designated data body (DDB) replaces the DDB’s legacy data collections, the Student record (CXX051) and Student Alternative record (CXX054).

Transitioning to the new data model requires that we update the data definition algorithms that the OfS applies to the student data collected by the DDB for our regulatory purposes.

In converting algorithms from the legacy data model to the new model, we have aimed to replicate the legacy algorithms wherever possible. This is to ensure that the converted algorithms remain in line with established OfS policy positions. This approach ensures a level of continuity between the data definitions applied to student data for the 2022-23 academic year and student data from earlier years.

We have not precisely replicated the legacy definition in a small number of cases where either:

  • The new data model does not support direct replication of the previous definitions or produces a replication that is inconsistent with established policy positions. In these cases, we have worked within the new data model to develop an alternative definition which arrives at the established policy position.
  • The new data model enables us to align better with the established policy position through minor refinements to the algorithm. In some cases, limitations of the legacy data model meant that legacy data definitions had to compromise on the extent to which they delivered the established policy position.
  • The new data model enables a more efficient method to arrive at the established policy position.

Our approach may mean we have not yet maximised the added value of the new data model over the legacy model.

In due course we expect to review our data definitions further, to identify where we can make use of enriched information available in the new data model.

We would expect to consult on any material changes to our data definitions where necessary. In the meantime, we welcome feedback on the updated data definitions at [email protected].

Output Released to whom Expected release date

2022-23 student numbers

Registered providers with 2022-23 data.

Spring 2024

Reconciliation exercise

Providers with 2022-23 data that are registered in the Approved (fee cap) category and are in receipt of 2022-23 recurrent grant based on HESES22 data.


Funding data summaries

Providers with 2022-23 data that are registered in the Approved (fee cap) category.

 June 2024

2022-23 transparency attainment data summary

Registered providers with 2022-23 data.


The post-collection outputs are released via the ‘2022-23 post-collection outputs’ group on the OfS portal. Access to the ‘2022-23 post-collection outputs’ group can be granted by the portal user administrator for each registered provider. More information on each of the outputs is provided below.

2022-23 student number post-collection outputs

The student numbers post-collection outputs provide the full-time equivalent student numbers by level of study using the 2022-23 Student (22056) and ILR data. These are the student numbers that the OfS will use for various regulatory purposes, including for setting registration fees and assessing applications for degree awarding powers, university title and university college title.

2022-23 transparency attainment summary post-collection outputs

The 2022-23 transparency attainment summary post-collection outputs provide the individualised data used to create the summarised attainment information of students qualifying in 2022-23. These figures are produced using the 2022-23 Student (22056) and ILR data.

Funding data summaries

2024-25 student premiums

The student premium funding data summary shows how we calculate these targeted allocations for each provider.

Reconciliation exercise HESES22 comparison

The HESES22 comparison outputs are a summary workbook which compares HESES22 data to HESES22 data recreated using the 2022-23 ILR data and an individualised file.

2022-23 Student post-collection outputs

Technical guidance containing:

  • the algorithms used to produce outputs
  • information on how to rebuild outputs using the individualised data

will be listed below as the guidance is made available.

Calculating 2022-23 student numbers: technical document

The 2022-23 student number algorithms are published in ‘Calculating 2022-23 student numbers: technical document and rebuild instructions’ which is available to download from our student numbers webpage.

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