About the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF)

TEF 2023 outcomes publication timeline

Published 24 June 2020
Last updated 08 August 2023
08 August 2023
Further dates added to the overall timeline have been added and a new timeline for the TEF 2023 outcomes has been published.
07 October 2022
TEF 2022-23 timeline published
26 July 2022
Link to analysis of responses to the TEF consultation added, and timeline updated
26 May 2022
An update on the provisional timeline the next exercise, and a link added to TEF panel recruitment information
20 January 2022
The page has been updated in light of the current consultation on the TEF.
13 December 2021
Minor text updates
21 June 2021
Minor update around future of the TEF
10 June 2021
Link to current TEF awards added
21 January 2021
Minor wording updates, links added and notes that the current TEF awards are all valid until 2021.

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