TEF 2023 ratings

What information is published 

We have published the ratings of universities and colleges that took part in the TEF 2023 where a final decision has been reached, along with additional information relating to each university or college’s assessment:  

  • the provider (university or college) submission
  • the student submission (where available)
  • a summary panel statement setting out the panel's reasoning for the outcome.

The TEF indicators for each university or college, and the accompanying information about the size and shape of its student population, are published in our TEF data dashboards. 

What the ratings mean

Universities and colleges that took part in the TEF receive an overall rating as well as two underpinning ratings – one for the student experience and one for student outcomes.

The ratings reflect the extent to which the university or college delivers an excellent experience and outcomes for its mix of undergraduate students and across the range of its undergraduate courses and subjects.

There are three ratings categories signifying increasing degrees of excellence above our minimum quality requirements – Bronze, Silver and Gold:

TEF Gold icon


The student experience and student outcomes are typically outstanding.

TEF Silver icon


The student experience and student outcomes are typically very high quality.

TEF Bronze icon


The student experience and student outcomes are typically high quality, and there are some very high quality features.

A university or college receives a lower category of 'requires improvement' if it has not shown enough evidence of excellence above our minimum quality requirements.

TEF Requires improvement icon

Requires improvement

The provider was assessed in the TEF and no rating was awarded. Improvement is required for a TEF rating.

Updates to TEF 2023 ratings

We may remove higher education providers from the TEF 2023 outcomes, for example when a merger occurs or if their eligibility status changes. We may also make other changes to published outcomes.

Read the record of changes



Our communications and branding guidelines set out how a provider should display and promote its TEF ratings.

For some providers in England TEF is optional, or TEF does not apply to them because they do not offer undergraduate courses.

These ratings will last for four years, until the next TEF exercise.

Published 28 September 2023

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