About the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF)

TEF 2023 guidance

Communications and branding

This guidance sets out how a provider should display and promote its TEF ratings. It aims to ensure a consistent TEF brand and the accurate communication of ratings to the public:

Providers and panel members

Regulatory advice 22: Guidance on the Teaching Excellence Framework 2023 sets out guidance for the TEF exercise operating in 2022-23 (referred to as TEF 2023). The regulatory advice covers:

  • the assessment framework, including what is assessed in the TEF and what the possible outcomes are
  • which higher education providers can or must take part in the TEF
  • the timetable for implementation and publishing outcomes
  • the evidence to be submitted by participating providers
  • the TEF indicators produced by the OfS, that will also inform the assessments
  • how the TEF panel should carry out the assessments.

We recommend that the document be read in full by any provider that is participating in TEF 2023, and by members of the TEF panel.

More detailed guidance on how the TEF indicators are constructed is also available: see Description and definition of student outcome and experience measures.


Separate guidance explains how students could submit evidence to the TEF assessment process.

This document is aimed primarily at TEF student contacts involved in preparing a student submission. Other staff contributing to the TEF student submission may also find this guidance helpful.

Nothing in the student guidance can override regulatory advice 22 or the TEF consultation outcomes document. Every effort has been made to make the student guidance as accurate as possible, but in the event of any difference, the information set out in those documents will apply.

TEF contacts

We have written to accountable officers at providers asking for nominations for TEF main contacts and TEF student contacts. These are the individuals we will contact for operational matters relating to participation in the TEF.

To request a change of TEF contact, please email [email protected].

TEF Hub user guides

The TEF Hub is the online system for higher education providers to upload their TEF submissions, view provisional outcomes and make any representations.

TEF student contacts can also use it to upload their submissions. 

If you need any assistance accessing or using the TEF Hub, please contact us at [email protected].

Published 24 June 2020
Last updated 19 October 2023
23 November 2023
TEF user guide for providers updated.
19 October 2023
TEF user guide for providers updated.
19 September 2023
TEF user guide for providers updated.
08 August 2023
Details have been added about the communications and branding guidelines, along with other small changes.
11 July 2023
The TEF Hub user guides were updated with information about multi-factor authentication
01 December 2022
Added TEF user guides for provider and student submissions
06 October 2022
Updated with information about TEF 2023
24 June 2021
Added link to letter on applying for a TEF provisional award.
21 June 2021
Link to revised branding guidelines
16 June 2021
Advice added on promotion of branded materials

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