Schools and school partnerships

What are universities and colleges doing?

Our new approach to regulating equality of opportunity asks higher education providers to challenge disparities between the attainment of pupils through building and developing partnerships with schools.

The strategic interventions detailed in a provider's access and participation plan should include plans for partnerships with schools, colleges, community and third sector organisations to support activity to raise attainment, where this is an objective in a provider's plan.

The focus of activity undertaken in partnership to raise attainment may vary, for example they may seek to enhance professional or pedagogic issues related to raising attainment. They may include supporting teaching, curriculum, leadership, or other targeted partnership activity. Activity should aim to drive improvements in schools, and be informed by the context of each provider.

Full details of our regulatory requirements for higher education providers in relation to raising attainment work can be found in Regulatory notice 1. Additional guidance for providers is available in Regulatory advice 6 and our effective practice topic briefing on strategic relationships with schools

Published 29 March 2023

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