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Last updated 20 June 2022
20 June 2022
The deadline to apply to join the student panel has passed.
31 May 2022
Link to apply to join the panel and details of additional meetings related to the coronavirus pandemic added.
02 December 2021
Details added for Lila Tamea.
03 November 2021
2021-22 panel meetings dates added
31 August 2021
New panel members added and details updated
23 June 2021
February 2021 minutes added
03 March 2021
Panel members updated and October 2020 minutes added
01 December 2020
Minutes from January 2020 meeting published, meeting dates added and statement on support for students in self-isolation added.
20 August 2020
One panellist's bio updated
11 August 2020
Details of new student panel members added
22 June 2020
Notice about student panel recruitment removed
08 June 2020
Panel members updated and notice about student panel recruitment added
05 March 2020
Minutes from October 2019 meeting published

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