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Our senior team

The OfS leadership team is responsible for delivering our objectives and business plan.

Susan Lapworth is Chief Executive.

She is responsible for delivering the strategy set by the board, and ensuring that the OfS operates efficiently and effectively. She is an executive member of the OfS board.


John Blake is the Director for Fair Access and Participation.

He oversees our activity on equality of opportunity in higher education, and has special responsibilities in regard to our regulation of access and participation. He is also responsible for student insight, information and engagement, our policies on distributing funding to universities and colleges, and our activity on lifelong learning.

John is an executive member of the OfS board.

Philippa Pickford is Director of Regulation

She leads on our approach to regulation, including the development, implementation and continuous improvement of our approach to regulatory decisions, interventions and enforcement.

Arif Ahmed is the Director for Freedom of Speech and Academic Freedom

He oversees our free speech functions under the Higher Education (Freedom of Speech) Act 2023. Arif is an executive member of the OfS board.

Josh Fleming is Director of Strategy and Delivery.

He is responsible for strategy, evaluation, stakeholder engagement, communications, and ensuring the organisation delivers on its strategic aims.

Nolan Smith is Director of Resources and Finance.

He oversees a range of OfS corporate services, including human resources, governance, finance, IT and legal services. He is also responsible for our data, foresight and analysis activities.

Jean Arnold is Deputy Director of Quality.

She oversees regulations for quality, reliable standards and positive outcomes for students (our B conditions of registration).

David Smy is Deputy Director of Enabling Regulation.

He oversees our work on the operation of the higher education market, provider governance and free speech.

Paul Huffer is Head of Legal.

He is responsible for the legal team providing advice in line with the relevant regulations, legislation and professional standards.

Senior staff with responsibility for our regulatory work

Nick Holland is Head of Quality and Standards.

He is responsible for work relating to conditions of registration that regulate quality and standards (conditions B1, B2, B4, B5, B7 and B8).

Graeme Rosenberg is Head of Student Outcomes.

He is responsible for conditions of registration relating to student outcomes (condition B3) and the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF). He also manages the OfS's relationship with the designated data body.

Jamie Black is Head of Higher Education Market.

He oversees the operation of the higher education market. This covers the registration of providers, the financial sustainability of providers and the sector, and market exit.

Rowena Rowley is Head of Provider Governance.

She oversees compliance with conditions of registration relating to management and governance. This covers areas such as protecting public funding, the Prevent duty, the C conditions of registration, funding assurance, and providers that are exempt charities.

Hilary Jones is Head of Freedom of Speech.

She has responsibility for developing our approach to the regulation of freedom of speech and harassment and sexual misconduct.

Last updated 18 April 2024
18 April 2024
Updated senior staff list to remove Jack Smith
23 November 2023
Details updated for Arif Ahmed. Details added for Paul Huffer, Head of Legal.
29 August 2023
Details added for Arif Ahmed, Director for Freedom of Speech and Academic Freedom.
27 July 2023
Updated team membership and register of interests.
05 July 2023
Updated team membership and register of interests.
05 May 2023
Updated to reflect changes to some of the OfS's directorates and to include senior regulatory staff.
14 February 2023
Directors' register of interests updated
06 February 2023
Richard Puttock has left the OfS
22 September 2022
Updated register of interests
02 September 2022
Page updated to reflect the appointment of Susan Lapworth as chief executive.
01 May 2022
Changes related to Nicola Dandridge leaving.
01 January 2022
Updated with details of new Director for Fair Access and Participation.
10 September 2021
OfS directors' register of interests updated
05 August 2021
Directors' register of interest updated
01 September 2020
Changes to job titles for Susan Lapworth and Nolan Smith
01 January 2020
Updated directors' responsibilities and register of interest

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