Our business plan

Our business plan sets out the work we intend to do in 2023-24 to make progress on our three-year goals.

These goals are the specific outcomes we are seeking to achieve, as set out in our strategy for 2022-2025.

In the strategy, we specify two areas of higher education that we will focus on over the next strategic period: ‘quality and standards’ and ‘equality of opportunity’. The goals either advance our two areas of focus or they facilitate our work.

In the business plan, we have recorded for each goal the activity we will carry out over the year. Against each, we have described the work, including the key actions and outputs. We have also set out the operational activities that enable our work, including how we plan to improve them.

These webpages provide a summary of our goals and the work we will do in 2023-24. 

See the full version of the 2023-24 business plan as a PDF
Published 26 May 2022
Last updated 08 June 2023
08 June 2023
New business plan for 2023-24 published.

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