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Letter from Minister Donelan - Ukraine 15.03.22 PDF 101Kb

Separately, I am aware that UK nationals studying in Ukraine, many of whom were studying medicine, will also have had their studies disrupted. ... to continue their studies, including on related courses in the biological sciences or subjects allied to

OfS subject mappings XLSX 190Kb

Subject code mappings for March 2022 access and participation data resources. This document provides the OfS's subject code mappings used for the access and participation data resources produced in March 2022. When identifying subject area(s) for

OfS KPM8 data 2022 XLSX 81Kb

Part-time. UK. 2018. 5208. 4. 50. Medicine and dentistry. Part-time. UK. ... Part-time. UK. 2014. 1782. 8. 70. Medicine and dentistry. Part-time. UK.

OfS KPM9 data 2022 XLSX 213Kb

East Midlands. Subjects allied to medicine. 2009. 15.2%. All students. East Midlands. ... Subjects allied to medicine. 2010. 14.8%. All students. East Midlands. Biological and sport sciences.

Grant Announcement Circular Letter Tables XLSX 84Kb

9,684. 17,551. 415,584. 0. 0. 449,924. 836,926. -46.2%. 141. 10003270. Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine. ... 1,640,711. -71.7%. 183. 10007771. London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

Cover_sheet XLSX 241Kb

Office for Students Proposed student outcomes and experience indicators: About this workbook. UKPRN: SECTOR. Provider: All registered English higher education providers. Registration category: Registered. Purpose. 1. This workbook was published in

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