Higher Education Students Early Statistics survey 2021-22 (HESES21): Guidance for providers

This document is relevant to higher education providers that have registered with (or applied to register with) the Office for Students (OfS) in the Approved (fee cap) category and are seeking OfS funding for the 2022-23 academic year.

It provides guidance on funding rules and definitions that is relevant to all such providers, but the HESES21 survey is to be completed only by providers that have students registered with them in academic year 2021-22, who are on courses recognised for OfS funding purposes. Other providers registered, or applying to register, in the Approved (fee cap) category are required to complete the Higher Education Students Forecast 2022-23 (HESF22) survey.

The data collected in HESES21 provides an early indication of the number of higher education students studying in 2021-22, and, with data supplied to the Higher Education Statistics Agency and the Education and Skills Funding Agency, will inform the allocation of teaching funds for 2022-23.

Action: providers should upload returns to the OfS portal.

OfS 2021.40
15 September 2021
Published 15 September 2021
Last updated 08 November 2021
08 November 2021
Minor amend to correct a paragraph reference
22 September 2021
Link added to supporting HESES documents

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