OfS publishes business plan for 2022-23

The Office for Students (OfS) has today published its business plan for 2022-23.

The business plan sets out in detail the work the OfS intends to do to make progress on the goals set out in the OfS’s strategy for 2022-25.

The business plan continues to focus on work which seeks to improve quality and standards and equality of opportunity across English higher education. The plan sets out the OfS’s intention to launch a series of investigations where there are concerns that universities and colleges may not be meeting regulatory requirements around quality. The findings of these investigations are expected to be published during 2022-23.

Other priorities include further work to embed a new approach to access and participation, first by assessing variations made to providers access and participation plans, and then by consulting on – and taking decisions on – plans for future years.

The OfS has also set out a number of areas to minimise regulatory burden placed on universities and colleges. These include ensuring enforcement work is risk-based, engaging with providers to understand the impact of our regulation on them, and publishing next steps on reducing data burden.

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Published 26 May 2022

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