Focus group on accessing and using National Student Survey data

We're hosting two focus groups for those who access and analyse National Student Survey (NSS) data for their university, college or Student Union for planning and HE quality enhancement purposes.

The NSS is the largest student feedback survey in the UK. Every full-time undergraduate student is invited to complete the NSS at the end of their course.

The NSS is currently used:

  • To inform applicants about the student experience in higher education.
  • To improve the student academic experience at universities and colleges.
  • For public accountability

The UK higher education funding and regulatory bodies are currently in phase 2 of reviewing the NSS. This stage of the review is exploring the questions the survey should pose to students, and the publication of data we obtain from the NSS. The aim of this work is to ensure that the NSS remains fit for purpose, and that it continues to support regulation and student information across all four countries of the UK.

We’re hosting two focus groups, on Wednesday 8 and Thursday 9 June.

The aim of the focus groups is for the OfS and UK funding and regulatory bodies to understand:

  • The types of groups in your organisation who need to access the NSS data
  • How the NSS data is used, what analysis is carried out on the data and the tools are used
  • What NSS data or analysis is not currently available and how this would be useful
  • What support and guidance is required in using NSS data
  • What and how the NSS data should be presented publicly and on the NSS results portal
  • How we can remove burden on users
  • How we can encourage responsible use of NSS data

Participation will inform the development of the UK wide NSS consultation in the summer 2022 on the NSS data and dissemination.

Who should attend?

The OfS and UK funding and regulatory bodies are committed to engaging stakeholders from across the UK in the review of NSS data and dissemination and are looking to hear views from a wide range of providers. We would like to hear from users of the NSS data who use and analyse the data for planning and HE quality enhancement.

How to register

Please complete the Eventbrite registration form by 1 June 2022 to express your interest in attending the focus group.

Once the deadline has passed, we will review registrations received and then confirm your participation in the focus group. There are 30 places available across the two events. As we are looking to hear views from a wide range of providers from across the UK we will consider the following criteria when selecting participants:

  • Provider type, e.g. university or college
  • Location of provider in UK

Only one person per provider can attend the focus group.

Register your interest for Wednesday 8 June Register your interest for Thursday 9 June

Additional information

Captions (subtitles) for online attendees: The focus groups will be held on Microsoft Teams. Closed captions can be turned on in a Teams meeting.

Privacy: Please see our full privacy notice and our Eventbrite privacy notice.

Further questions: Please email .

Published 12 May 2022

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