Student guide to quality and standards

How to find out about quality and standards

Students can find out more about the quality of teaching, graduate outcomes and earnings in different ways:

1. Discover Uni

Our new website for students, includes information in all these areas.

Visit Discover Uni

2. The TEF

The TEF is an exercise the OfS runs to assess the quality of teaching across universities and colleges in the UK.

More about the TEF

3. The OfS register

Students can also check the OfS register to see if a university or college is listed.

Most universities and colleges in England apply to register with the OfS. To do this, they must demonstrate a minimum level of quality and support towards their students.

Registered universities and colleges must, among other things:

  • deliver well-designed, high-quality courses and reliably assess their students’ achievements
  • support their students, from admission through to completion, so that they succeed in and benefit from higher education
  • deliver successful outcomes for all their students that are valued by employers or enable further study.
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Published 17 November 2020

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