Student guide to industrial action

Uncertainty around teaching and assessment means that strikes, marking boycotts, or other industrial action by university or college staff can be a stressful time for students.

It is not the role of the OfS to comment on the substance of industrial disputes or to take sides. We recognise, however, that disruption due to industrial action can have significant impacts on students.

We want to make sure that students have the information they need to navigate this potentially difficult time. This guide provides advice for students whose studies are being disrupted as a result of industrial action and what to do to resolve any issues.

It contains information on:

  • what you can expect from your university or college
  • your rights under consumer protection law
  • how you can complain if you are unhappy about the impact of industrial action on your studies
  • what the OfS does to protect student interests when industrial action occurs.

Sections in this guide:

What are my rights as a student if I am affected by industrial action? What can I do if I am unhappy with the impacts of industrial action? What does the OfS do to protect the interests of students during industrial action?
Published 09 November 2021

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