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The indicators included in the student outcomes data dashboard are also available in a tabular format as Excel workbooks or CSV files.

We have published the student outcomes data dashboard as official statistics.

Excel files

The Excel workbooks are split into two downloads corresponding to the different views of a provider’s student population. Each download contains one workbook for each provider.

Note: The workbooks showing the taught population for each provider have been updated in April 2024 to remove the apprenticeships completion page due to an error.

This error did not impact any other pages, or the data in the Tableau or csv files. Please use the csv file or contact us on [email protected] if you need access to the data from the apprenticeship completion taught table.

CSV files

The CSV files are available in two formats:

Data protection

For data protection purposes, we have applied a comprehensive set of rounding and suppression criteria.

Anyone wishing to use the data must follow the guidelines for appropriate use.

Archived data

We have retained datafiles related to the student outcomes dashboard published previously.

The archived datafiles reflect the OfS's position prior to any investigations opened for the 2022-23 assessment cycle and do not reflect any judgements made by the OfS. As a result, a provider with data below a numerical threshold does not necessarily mean that positive student outcomes are not being delivered. In addition, providers in these datafiles may have submitted data amendments that were subsequently accepted but are not reflected in this data. 

Please refer to the data dashboard or the data downloads above for our most up-to-date information on student outcomes.

Published 30 September 2022
Last updated 30 April 2024
30 April 2024
Update to workbooks showing the taught population for each provider. The apprenticeships completion page has been removed due to an error. The apprenticeships completion page for the taught population was instead showing the data for the taught or registered population. This error did not impact any other pages, or the data in the Tableau or csv files.
06 July 2023
Updated progression indicators to incorporate information for graduates in the 2020-21 academic year.
16 May 2023
Additional details about archived data added
12 April 2023
Updated with annual release of data

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