Why work here?


We're a young organisation and when it comes to our culture, we're led by our people. What they believe in, how they act right now and what they want for the future.

The result is an ethos that guides our work as a team, without being heavy-handed or stale.

It's based on three key themes:

Learning and reflection. Our enthusiasm for learning is infectious. And we use that passion to develop ourselves, support one another and deliver success for the business.

People and relationships. We value each other. Collaborate together. Include everyone. And help each other strike that balance between succeeding at work and enjoying life at home.

Credibility and impact. Our people are experts whose work is important. Life here is dynamic, changes fast and we're all part of making a real difference.   

And when it comes to equality and diversity, we are determined to be better than good enough. We want to truly reflect the diversity of the students whose interests we promote. And, as we set expectations about diversity for the universities and colleges we regulate, we aim to lead from the front.

Like many organisations, we aren't there yet, but - led by a cross-organisation team of staff from all levels - we're working hard to be an example of what an inclusive workplace looks like. 

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It’s great to be part of an organisation where our outward ambition for students matches our inward ambitions for staff. We’re having open and challenging conversations about the type of organisation we want to be. All staff have been given equal opportunity to feed into this work and everyone’s ideas are listened to.
Reece Horsley, Policy Adviser

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