Why work here?

We care about making a difference to students' lives.

We want English higher education to be the best experience, and the best value, that it can be - for students, for taxpayers, for the economy and for the public good.

We want to set a new bar for regulation that is intelligent, transparent and data-driven.

If you care about those things too, you'll love working with us.

We also care about supporting and developing our staff. About working together to achieve more than each of us can do alone.

We're a new, developing organisation where life is never dull and opportunities are immeasurable. 

We have high ambitions, and we offer big opportunities for our people to get involved in bringing those dreams to life.

We're proud of our people, our culture and the benefits we offer.

So please, read on to find out more, and we hope we'll hear from you soon.

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