About the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF)

The TEF panel

TEF assessments are conducted by a panel with expertise in learning and teaching, and experience of representing students. They make decisions on what ratings to award each university or college.

Professor Sir Chris Husbands is the chair of the TEF panel. The panel also includes:

  • deputy chairs (2)
  • academic members (40)
  • student members (20)
  • OfS staff members (2).

A full list of panel members is available in Annex A below.

Panel members' characteristics

TEF panel member characteristics: 34% student members, 66% academic members, 15% disability reported, 85% no disability reported, 54% female, 46% male, 26% ethnic minorities, 74% white.

Introducing the TEF panel

Read our blog post introducing our panel of academic experts and student representatives
Published 24 June 2020
Last updated 22 June 2023
22 June 2023
Updated rules of procedure, membership list and register of interests.
11 May 2023
Membership list updated to reflect changes to sub-committee membership, and members' register of interests updated.
27 February 2023
Rules of procedure and members' register of interests updated.
07 December 2022
TEF Panel membership and rules of procedure published
07 October 2022
Holding message: membership and terms of reference are being finalised
15 August 2022
TEF panel recruitment has now closed
26 July 2022
Link to analysis of responses to the TEF consultation added, and TEF panel recruitment reopened
19 July 2022
TEF panel recruitment has now closed
26 May 2022
TEF panel recruitment is now open
20 January 2022
Information added about opportunities to become a TEF panel member or assessor.

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