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What is the OfS Register?

The Register lists all the English higher education providers registered by the OfS.

It is a single, authoritative reference about a provider’s regulatory status.

We have published a guide to registration and further information about different aspects of how we regulate.

What does it show?

Each provider on the Register has its own page, which covers: 

  • Registration
    If a provider is registered with the OfS or if it had been registered but has since chosen to deregister.
  • Other organisations covered
    If its registration covers other organisations.
  • Trading names
    If the provider has different names under which it trades.
  • Tuition fee limits
    If the provider can charge fees to undergraduate students and the statutory fee limit that applies.
  • Teaching excellence
    If the provider has received a rating through the Teaching Excellence and Outcomes Framework (the TEF).
  • Awarding degrees
    If the provider has the power to award degrees and at what level.
  • University title
    If the provider has the right to use 'university' in its name, when this was granted and how.
  • Access and participation
    If the provider has any plans which set out how it will improve equality of opportunity for underrepresented groups to access, succeed in and progress from higher education.
  • Specific ongoing conditions of registration
    If the provider has any specific ongoing conditions of registration, we make these available through the provider's entry.

The OfS is also responsible for creating the list of English ‘recognised bodies’ as defined in section 216(4) of the Education Reform Act 1988. 

‘Recognised bodies’ are those higher education providers that are authorised to award degrees and they are normally expected to register with the OfS. 

This means that further information about each recognised body can be found on the OfS’s Register. 

The most recent Recognised Bodies Order was made in June 2020.

Download the Register as a spreadsheet
Published 03 February 2022
Last updated 24 April 2024
24 April 2024
Number of registered providers updated.
07 December 2023
Update to number of registered providers.

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