Monitoring and intervention

How we monitor registered providers

Monitoring is designed to provide us with signals to show where further engagement or investigation may be necessary before we decide whether regulatory risk is increased for a provider. This allows us to focus our regulatory attention where it is needed most to protect students. 

Updating our risk assessment 

We undertake a risk assessment when a provider is first registered and this assessment is updated as we receive new information about the provider.

Information comes from four main sources:

  1. Indicators constructed for all providers from routine data collections, for example indicators of student outcomes or indicators of financial performance.
  2. Reportable events submitted by a provider, for example because the provider does not expect to recruit the number of students it had planned with consequences for its financial position, or a professional body has removed the provider’s accreditation. 
  3. Additional information that the OfS has required from a provider, for example because the OfS has already judged that provider to be at increased risk of a breach of one or more of its conditions of registration. 
  4. Notifications about an individual provider from third parties, such as students and their representatives or whistle-blowers. 

Guidance for providers 

We have published guidance for providers on our overall approach to monitoring.

We have also published specific guidance about:

Published 15 December 2020
Last updated 30 September 2022
30 September 2022
Added our approach to publication of information.

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