Monitoring and intervention

These pages explain how we monitor higher education providers registered with the Office for Students (OfSin relation to their conditions of registration. It also sets out when and how we might intervene. 

Regulatory framework and conditions of registration

Each provider must continue to satisfy each of the general ongoing conditions of registration, set out in the regulatory frameworkthat are applicable to that provider.

Each condition sets out the minimum level, or baseline, that a provider must achieve and demonstrate to remain registered with us.

We monitor each registered provider in relation to its conditions of registrationWe may intervene where we consider that there is an increased risk, or an actual breach, of a condition of registration by a provider. 

The regulatory framework explains how we will perform our monitoring and intervention functions.  

All registered providers should be familiar with the content of the regulatory framework.

Guidance for providers

We publish guidance for providersin the form of regulatory advice, which is intended to help them to understand and meet our regulatory requirements. This guidance is regularly updated and includes guidance for accountable officers and guidance on annual financial returns  

In the following pages, we provide a brief overview of our approach to monitoring and intervention and include links to this guidance. 

Published 15 December 2020

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